Soul Retrieval, Past Lives and Akashic Records

Through many, many lifetimes our souls have all experienced a “disconnect” through trauma or soul wounds; some, we are consciously aware of while others are deeply trapped in the subconscious. These soul wounds can be from this lifetime, previous lifetimes as well as parallel lives that unless resolved, will continue to affect the present. In this workshop you will learn more about your soul wounds and how to work through your own soul loss towards a fuller, more joyful and contented life. You will learn techniques, practices and processes to help break the cycle of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disharmony and disconnect.. You will learn how to access past lives, future lives and parallel lives through a process of regression and progression. Processes for accessing the Akashic records (energetic records of past lives, present lives, and possible future lives stored in the Akashic field) will be learned as well as how to complete requests for dispensation of vows, contracts, promises, curses, etc. Learning to break the cycle of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disconnect brought forward through this and other lifetimes is a powerful way to prepare yourself and others for the ascension process.
$233 Investment