Every single one of us is a powerful co-creator! As we continue our ascension journey raising our vibrational frequencies and merging with our soul-selves or god-selves we are more able to tap into that unified field of all creation and become even more successful with our co-creative abilities. Whether it is for personal transformation or co-creating for the greater good, the time has come to get creative mastery flowing in your life!

Jeanne Hoag, B.Ed; M.Ed has over 20 years experience in the teaching profession. Still a passionate educator, she is excited to share her knowledge with others. A life-long learner herself and teacher of all age groups, she understands the learning process and recognizes that individuals have varied learning abilities and needs. Therefore, all of the courses offered are designed to accommodate all learners; adapting to fit individual as well as group needs. Together, Dale and Jeanne provide a dynamic learning environment; combining the masculine and feminine energies enhanced by their individual knowledge, abilities and teaching styles. You will learn from not one but two masters thereby creating a supportive learning environment with individualized attention.

The learning opportunities outlined here will assist you in awakening latent abilities and help you refine the skills you already possess so that you can co-create your new reality and world even more efficiently and effectively!

Certification in Usui Reiki

Reiki is universal life force energy. This energy is a transcendental energy which combines with and activates the innate energy that exists in everything to promote wellness and healing on all levels of the physical body, the mental and causal bodies, and the spiritual being. Reiki assists the body in healing itself, and is totally natural and holistic. It also balances the body’s energies, thus bringing body, mind, and spirit into proper alignment and harmony. Once attuned to this energy of Spirit, you will retain the connection throughout this lifetime. The more it is used, the more powerful it becomes. Whether you seek to learn this ancient healing modality for personal use or desire to become a healing practitioner, these workshops will prepare you for the level of expertise you require to feel confident and competent.

We offer the Four Degree program; First, Second, Combined First and Second, Third (advanced) Master I and Master-Teacher. We also offer our own Integrated Soul Healing Reiki Course.

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Connecting and Communicating with the Spiritual Realm: Mediumship or Channeling

Many ask, “what is the difference between mediumship and channeling”? Both involve communicating with energy forms from other dimensions and realms. While mediumship involves taking on an intermediary role between the living and deceased; channeling provides a means for the expression of non-human consciousness. There are many examples of non-human consciousness that exist in higher planes of existence. Most common are spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, elementals (fairies, elves, dragons, unicorns) and animal spirit guides. There are also those that connect us to highest states of consciousness through resonance (sound and vibration).

Both mediumship and channeling require the development of dormant abilities. We all possess innate abilities to experience more than what we see, hear, sense and feel in our normal waking consciousness; however, it takes reaching into higher states of awareness and opening our higher energetic centers in order to connect and communicate with those on higher planes of existence.

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Soul Retrieval, Past Lives and Akashic Records

Through many, many lifetimes our souls have all experienced a “disconnect” through trauma or soul wounds; some, we are consciously aware of while others are deeply trapped in the subconscious. These soul wounds can be from this lifetime, previous lifetimes as well as parallel lives that unless resolved, will continue to affect the present. In this workshop you will learn more about your soul wounds and how to work through your own soul loss towards a fuller, more joyful and contented life.
Learning to break the cycle of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disconnect brought forward through this and other lifetimes is a powerful way to prepare yourself and others for the ascension process.

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