Certification in Usui Reiki

REIKI is universal life force energy. This energy is a transcendental energy which combines with and activates the innate energy that exists in everything to promote wellness and healing on all levels of the physical body, the mental and causal bodies, and the spiritual being. Reiki assists the body in healing itself, and is totally natural and holistic. It also balances the body’s energies, thus bringing body, mind, and spirit into proper alignment and harmony. Once attuned to this energy of Spirit, you will retain the connection throughout this lifetime. The more it is used, the more powerful it becomes. Whether you seek to learn this ancient healing modality for personal use or desire to become a healing practitioner, these workshops will prepare you for the level of expertise you require to feel confident and competent.

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Why Learn Reiki?

To activate the innate healing ability within so that you can not only heal yourself, but heal your family members, friends, pets, plants and the planet! The Earth is changing! In fact, many spiritual leaders are claiming we have entered the New Earth. Some call this "the Golden Age”. What this means is that as a humanity, we are waking up! We are becoming more and more aware of our own intuitive abilities; we are believing in the spiritual realm, angels, guides and the possibility of deceased loved ones communicating with us; we are recognizing that there are more ways to heal the body then the medical community is willing to accept and most important, we are learning to trust in our hearts! Reiki is the perfect way to further this process of awakening!

In addition to the Reiki training, you will learn the very powerful HeartMath technique that brings the physical, emotional and mental systems into coherent alignment with the heart's intelligence. You will also have the opportunity to clear away any blockages, programs, belief systems running prior to beginning the course through ThetaHealing. Both of these techniques will ensure you are a clear channel for the Reiki energy.

First, second and third degree workshops provide 18 hours of instruction, meditation, clearing, healing, sharing and practice. The fourth degree (Master-Teacher training) is completed in two parts - teaching attunements and the practicum component. You will receive all of the necessary tools and materials required for each level. Comprehensive learning manuals created by Jeanne along with supplemental manuals for each level by William Lee Rand of the International Center for Reiki Training are provided. Regular opportunities for practice sessions, advanced learning and Reiki shares are offered following every workshop at no charge.

Reiki is taught in levels or degrees towards mastery. The number of levels or degrees depends upon the Reiki lineage of the Master-Teacher. We teach four levels as described below. Each level serves to activate and increase the flow of Universal Life Force Energy through attunements (or initiations). These initiations are a part of the process of reconnection to Spirit and the beginning of a new or renewed walk down the path of life. Many doors are opened during this sacred ritual.

The Four Degrees

First Degree

The First Degree focuses on physical healing and self-healing. You will learn how the practice of Reiki began and how it has evolved into modern times. Time will be spent on understanding the transmission of energy and how to become a channel for the healing energy that comes through following the first degree attunement where the power is switched on. Before the highest work can be done on others, we must first cleanse and heal ourselves; therefore time will be spent in self-healing. The aura and chakras have their first cleansing release. This degree opens the student to the ideas of utilizing Reiki for our animals, our friends, food, plants, our homes, our workplaces and our own physical bodies.
Investment $263 (plus GST)

Second Degree

The Second Degree focuses on healing at the mental and emotional level. Reiki Level Two heals our earlier years in this life as well as the ability to heal past lives. It assists with addictions and clears negative thinking patterns. Three of the five sacred symbols are taught in this level. You will not only learn the meaning, function and purpose of these sacred symbols but you will experience their frequencies during the second degree attunement and following practice sessions. Distance healing is learned and practiced as well as programming Reiki healing. You will learn there are many ways to use Reiki energy beyond those mentioned above. Some include clearing spaces, protection and manifestation. This level prepares you to begin a healing practice of your own!.
Investment $363 (plus GST)

First and Second Degree

We focus on combining the learning and experiences of Reiki One & Two together into a full weekend workshop. There’s no waiting to continue your training! Elimination of the review components of Level One allows for movement right into Level Two while all of the information is fresh in the mind! Seamlessly, we weave together the energy concepts of Reiki fundamentals with exercises and practice that promote confidence and competence. You will learn how to begin the healing of yourself, your family, friends, pets, plants and all of humanity! You will find that Reiki is not just a healing modality, but a lifestyle.
$500 Investment ($126 Savings)

Note: Those who already have level 1 can still attend and receive a refresher of level 1 at no charge followed by level 2 for an investment of $363. (Proof of Level One certification is required).

Third Degree (Master I)

The Third Degree (Master I) is an advanced course that focuses on health and healing on the Spiritual soul level. We turn the work over to God, our guides, or the Highest Intelligence. We learn that we are no longer in charge of the treatment. The student is now keenly aware that he or she is a conduit for the Reiki energy. Movement exercises and prayer/meditation practices are shared; more symbols are taught and experienced; advanced techniques for distance work and healing at the physical level are learned. The student receives the third attunement – thus raising the healing frequencies even higher and activating the sacred symbols. All of the materials and crystals are provided to create your own Reiki healing grid to have in your healing space; thus increasing the energy and frequencies of your surroundings and adding a powerful tool for distance healing, programmed healing and manifestation for you and your loved ones!
$463 Investment

Reiki Master-Teacher

Becoming a Reiki Master-Teacher is a deeply rewarding decision. It speaks to your willingness for continued self-expansion of heart and soul while opening to the power of healing the collective. It requires a commitment to serve through the sharing of knowledge and a desire to heal. This intensive course provides all of the materials (manuals, CDs, DVDs, meditations, posters), and additional skills required to prepare you to teach Reiki to others. You will develop a deeper understanding of this very powerful and healing energy. Your personal connection to the Reiki energy will be heightened as you learn advanced meditations that harmonize the energy of your chakras and align you with your Guides. This course is divided into two parts. In Part 1 you will learn how to pass on the Reiki attunements for each level providing for a very powerful and healing experience as you practice on fellow students and instructors. Part 2 is a practicum where you will assist in teaching Levels 1, 2 and 3. You don’t necessarily have to teach Reiki in order for this training to be useful as it provides additional healing energy, symbols, techniques and knowledge that will add value to your abilities as a Reiki Practitioner. As a Reiki Master-Teacher you will not only raise your personal vibration, you will be adding to the vibration of the entire planet!
$888 Investment

Integrated Soul Healing Reiki

Prerequisite - Master I (Third degree/Advanced Reiki)

This workshop is for Reiki Masters who wish to expand their Reiki practice by implementing the following modalities: Past Life Regression (process of healing the soul by healing the past), Inner Child Work (reconnects us with the wounded part of ourselves; the inner child), Mediumship (acting as an intermediary between deceased and living beings), Akashic Record Closing (process of accessing and closing the soul’s records of life times negatively affecting the present), Soul Fragment retrieval (process for accessing and healing the wounded and fragmented parts of our soul), energetic cord cutting (disconnecting from negative energies attached to the auric field) and other techniques (such as using sound, crystals, essential oils). The energy that comes through during a Reiki session provides the perfect foundation for this deeper soul healing. This course will help take your Reiki practice to the next level!
$333 Investment