Quantum Soul Sound Session

Your voice is the energetic doorway to lasting transformation. Each voice is a unique blend of frequencies. Hidden in the five octaves of your voice is a CODE with the power to release years of pent up fear and anxiety. Why? Because your Voice Is An Energetic Record Of Your Past, Present And Future that reflects your body, soul, emotions and mind. A 10 second sample of your voice is recorded and analyzed using an award winning proprietary software program which deciphers the unique frequency of your root pain pattern pinpointing the weak or stressed notes of your voice then composes a soundtrack to harmonize them. This positive shift reduces the weight of emotional baggage and helps to remove fear and stress experienced both consciously and subconsciously. By removing these negative factors, users can more openly and actively harness the power of their subconscious mind for real happiness.

During this powerful session, you will receive Spiritual Coaching using a visual chart of your specific algorithm. In addition to the session, you will take home a recording (CD or MP3) of your personal frequencies and a bottle of structured water activated with your specific frequencies. The water aids in the transmission of the frequencies to assist in bringing balance and well-being.
$125/1.5hr session