Connecting and Communicating with the Spiritual Realm

Mediumship or Channeling?

Many ask, “what is the difference between mediumship and channeling”? Both involve communicating with energy forms from other dimensions and realms. While mediumship involves taking on an intermediary role between the living and deceased; channeling provides a means for the expression of non-human consciousness. There are many examples of non-human consciousness that exist in higher planes of existence. Most common are spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, elementals (fairies, elves, dragons, unicorns) and animal spirit guides. There are also those that connect us to highest states of consciousness through resonance (sound and vibration). Both mediumship and channeling require the development of dormant abilities. We all possess innate abilities to experience more than what we see, hear, sense and feel in our normal waking consciousness; however, it takes reaching into higher states of awareness and opening our higher energetic centers in order to connect and communicate with those on higher planes of existence.

Deciding whether to choose mediumship or channeling is a personal choice. Some desire to communicate with their deceased loved ones while others are drawn to connecting with those beings on the higher planes. Either way, you will first need to learn how to open and develop your psychic/intuitive abilities; learn to trust and to tune into your soul frequency and the frequencies of the higher realms. This requires practice!

Both workshops offer the opportunity to bring your intuitive gifts to the surface and then to learn how to use them! You will determine your specific strengths and then learn how to tap into your own intuitive abilities, understand and recognize the information you receive and how best to work with the Spiritual Realm. You will learn techniques to clear your mind, center yourself and expand to connect to the higher and lighter frequencies. Like tuning in to a specific channel on a radio station, you will learn how to fine-tune what is coming through so you can receive clear messages. Useful exercises, techniques and tools will be practiced during the workshop to help you develop at the pace that is right for you! Individual, paired and group practice sessions will help you develop confidence in your abilities as a medium or channel.

The first half of each of these workshops is dedicated to developing and opening your intuitive/psychic abilities. The second half will focus specifically on practicing mediumship or channeling.
$233 Investment for each course