HeartMath Sessions

The HeartMath system empowers people to self-regulate their emotions and behaviors to reduce stress, increase resilience, and unlock their natural intuitive guidance for making more effective choices. This enables people to break through to greater levels of personal balance, creativity, insight and health.

HeartMath sessions are offered to individuals, groups and couples, and professionals. Sessions are available for working with children 7 to 16 in groups and on an individual basis the specific programs Smart Brain - Wise Heart and the Heart Power Tools.

Individual Sessions

Helping you expand your awareness and identify primary sources of stress that cause energy drains and introducing you to self-regulation techniques. Theses strategies will help you connect with your own intuitive guidance and find your own solutions.

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Group/Couple Sessions

  • Personal Journey To Health
  • Revitalize You!™
  • Voyage to Heart Intelligence
  • Zone Performance Program

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Kid Friendly Sessions

  • Heart Power Tools
  • Smart Brain - Wise Heart

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Professional Sessions

Bring your workforce together to learn one of the most simple and yet profound techniques for reducing stress, anxiety and trauma. This technique helps to build resilience (to prepare, meet and overcome challenges) and increase well-being.

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What People Are Saying:

  • "When you introduced HeartMath to me, I was badly struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, etc, etc... I was just simply “crumbling” at everything life through my way. I had learned other coping mechanisms and tools in my life, but they just weren’t working for me any longer.After just one HeartMath session with you I felt I could breathe again. And when I say breathe, I mean truly breathe. There was a calmness, peacefulness and contentment within that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. You showed me a way through HeartMath to get through troubling thoughts and dark moments with this technique. The result was instant, and with almost no effort on me. It was simply breathing deeply and purposefully into my heart and visualizing a new way into my heart to view life. I didn’t just learn “how” to cope with the anxiety, I learnt what my heart feels and “why” HeartMath is so vital to get yourself into a place of wellbeing. Things ,life, can get messy and confusing at times and this beautiful technique allows it to be so much clearer.

    So I am writing to thank you sincerely and wholeheartedly for the support, advice and general guidance you and Dale have given me for the past few months. Most of all, I want to tell you how much I appreciate the proverbial rocket you have provided me with on so many levels. By teaching me HeartMath, I feel that I can achieve and master anything I want to, no matter how off the wall or unusual. I feel truly blessed to now understand and know HeartMath. It has forever changed my life for the better. Thank you!" -Theressa