Transformational Quantum Sound and Healing Events

Please join us as we expand our consciousness by tapping into the unified quantum field of existence! During these transformational events, we will use multiple Quantum Scalar Wave technologies to assist in accelerating your awakening and transformation.

Each event will provide an opportunity to relax and meditate in the quantum field that is generated effortlessly through the various frequencies played through the Quantum Scalar Wave devices. These frequencies penetrate the subconscious beliefs that may be preventing you from tapping into your full potential to love, work and live joyfully. The power of deep delta brain waves holds the secret to your transformation. With the brain training system, every cell in your body will be imprinted at a deeper level with higher frequencies. You will retrain out the stress patterns creating deep relaxation, creativity, and inner peace. You will begin to see, think, and create more clearly.

While in this deep delta brain wave state, specific frequencies will be played on the IQube technology allowing you to go even deeper stimulating the mitochondrial DNA – the powerhouse of your cells. It is here where all of the memories of the past are stored. Through meditation you will be guided on a journey to energetically let go of the patterns, conditioning, limiting beliefs and memories that have inexplicably interfered with your present life. Each event will focus on different aspects - past life regression, DNA activation, and self-love activation to name a few. Get ready to retrain those memory patterns so you can move forward in grace and ease!

Following the meditation you will be invited to process and heal further through a Group Soul Tone Meditation. Group specific frequencies are created by taking a 10 second voice sample from the group. The sample is analyzed by the world’s leading voice analysis software and a completely unique sound track is created. This sound track is then played through the Miracle IQube technology and speakers to create a unique group meditation session. The combination of audio and scalar energy supports you in accelerating deep healing.

As always, Structured Water is provided to assist in the transportation of the frequencies through to the cellular level and the DNA.

Please bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket for your comfort during the meditations. Registration required. $20 exchange

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